2009-01-25 11:48:56 by Chamyky

Here we go! I just released speedCatch. It's a big update of one of my old games. I upgraded a lot of things, and included an AI. I'm eager to read what Newgrounders think of it!
If you play it, you'll notice the music usually start at the second round - that's because I'm loading it *after* the game, in order to let you play instantly! Long life to no-loader games.

Flash 9

2009-01-24 14:19:38 by Chamyky

I just got Flash 9, which is currently the penultimate version of Adobe Flash Pro.
Before that, I was using Flash 6, which was released around 2001 - there has been a lot of improvements since that time, as you can imagine.
One of the major new possibilities is the ability to manipulate bitmaps, with both ease and power. I did a first experiment with that, called nameTracer. After your entered your name, leaves will fall to draw it. I hope you'll like it.